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2019-10-22 13:37:06
Former state bar employee is charged with stealing lawyer identity information

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A former temporary employee with the State Bar of Texas has been charged with stealing the identifying information of a dozen of its lawyer members.

Jennifer Carolina Lebo, 38, of Elgin, Texas, was charged with fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, according to an Oct. 18 state bar press release.

Law360 and the Texas Lawyer have stories.

Lebo was a temporary employee who worked for the state bar in Austin between February and April. She worked as an administrative assistant in the bar’s membership department, according to spokespersons interviewed by the Texas Lawyer and Law360.

The affected lawyers were notified and provided with access to free identity protection services.

The state bar press release said the bar “had strict security measures in place at the time of the incident but has further tightened access and implemented additional safeguards to protect the information in our care.”