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2019-10-28 07:18:13
What can you learn from a lawyer born the same year that you graduated law school?

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Much has been said about getting rewarding mentoring and work opportunities from more-seasoned lawyers. But newer lawyers can also bring knowledge to the table.

How do you attract lawyers with less experience to want to build work relationships with you? Being organized and fair goes a long way, and respect is key, says Karen Kaplowitz, founder and president of the New Ellis Group, a business-development consulting firm in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

It’s also important to recognize that seasoned and newer lawyers can and should provide something valuable that will be a benefit, she says.

In this new episode of the ABA Journal’s Asked and Answered podcast, Senior Writer Stephanie Francis Ward talks to Kaplowitz about ways the experience pairing works well—for things like discovering unique business development opportunities—having more diverse legal teams, and finding better ways to use social media in marketing.