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2019-11-07 16:24:04
NSW police minister told teen he 'worked for the cops' in road dispute

The New South Wales police minister, David Elliot, has denied grabbing a teenage P-plater’s arm during a heated argument on a Sydney road, but admits telling the teenager he “worked for the cops”.

Elliot says the 17-year-old male driver clipped his car and drove off on Windsor Road, Baulkam Hills, on 17 October.

The teenager’s father has told the Australian the minister chased his son through the Castle Hill backstreets before grabbing his arm, which Elliot strongly denies.

“I spoke to him through the passenger’s side. No one touched anyone,” Elliot told the newspaper.

However, he admitted he “blew up” when the youth refused to exchange contact details and swore at his wife.

“He claimed he didn’t have to so I said I work for the cops,” Elliott said. “He didn’t believe me so I gave him my business card. He said: ‘show me your badge’. I said: ‘I pay for the badges, I don’t get one’.”

The boy’s father said that when his son phoned him during the verbal altercation, he could hear a man “yelling and screaming” in the background.

“I think in this day and age when road rage is quite high-­profile, it is poor form by someone in that position to be [behaving like that],” the father told the newspaper. “You have got no right to ­invade someone’s personal space.”

The Australian reports that the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has spoken to Elliot about the incident.

The minister said the damage to his car would cost between $500 and $1000 to fix.

“I’ll be paying the damage ­because it’s probably under the excess,’’ he said. “But I’m dirty about it and furious he swore at my wife.

“Even after I gave him my business card and said he was obliged to exchange details, he kept swearing and carrying on.”