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2019-12-23 14:35:06
14 success stories for ABA advocacy during the 116th Congress


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As the ABA’s eyes and ears in Washington, D.C., the Governmental Affairs Office spent the last year working with our ABA leadership, entities, and grassroots advocates to advance the ABA’s position on policy issues affecting the rule of law and the legal profession. Our hard work has paid off and we have seen some definite successes this year both in legislation passed by Congress and in policy decisions made by federal and state agencies.

Key bipartisan bills involving funding for the Legal Services Corporation, security for Supreme Court Justices, and lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers in public buildings, including courthouses, have already been signed into law. Other bills we are tracking have advanced in only one chamber, so they remain ABA advocacy priorities as we move into the Second Session of the 116th Congress after the new year.

The top 10 legislative wins for ABA advocacy during the First Session of the 116th Congress include:


In addition to these legislative wins, advocacy efforts by ABA leaders and entities working with the Governmental Affairs Office also contributed to other achievements at the agency or state level, including:

While much has been accomplished during the First Session of the 116th Congress, there is still significant advocacy work to be done. In 2020, the Governmental Affairs Office will continue its efforts to ensure adequate LSC funding and access to justice, protect the attorney-client privilege and the confidential attorney-client relationship, reauthorize VAWA, pass the CASE Act, provide a permanent fix for Dreamers who entered the country as minors, build upon recent criminal justice reforms, and pursue other policy work of importance to the legal profession. We will share developments with ABA entities and our grassroots advocates, leverage opportunities to advance ABA policies, and make our collective voice for the legal profession heard in the new year.

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