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2020-04-08 09:39:11
How to develop your horse sense with equine law

horse running in a field

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Julie Fershtman has developed a niche practice helping people who love horses deal with the particular joys and challenges that come with equine businesses. She is one of the nation's best-known lawyers serving many facets of the horse industry.

Fershtman is the author of Equine Law and Horse Sense, produced with ABA Publishing. In this new episode of the Modern Law Library podcast, Fershtman introduces Ashley Alfirevic of ABA Publishing to the world of horse sense, the dark underbelly of the Kentucky Derby, and the liabilities of pony rides.

She also discusses what it means to have horse sense and how lawyers and clients can benefit when equine-savvy attorneys blend their personal passion and their practice.

Find more about Equine Law and Horse Sense, including where it can be purchased, at ambar.org/equinelaw.