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2020-12-06 11:55:03
Windrush and the need for do-gooders

Priti Patel’s use of the Windrush scandal to turn her fire on those lawyers and black public figures attempting to ensure that further injustice was not being done in last week’s deportation flight to Jamaica is shameless (Windrush victims accuse Priti Patel of ‘deeply insulting’ behaviour, 4 December).

For all her fine words, very few Windrush victims have yet received the compensation promised to them and some have already died while waiting for it. Ever since the Windrush scandal broke, successive Tory home secretaries have tried to gloss over it as an unfortunate oversight in an otherwise fair and stainless system – the exception that proves the rule. In doing so, they have cynically used Windrush to obscure the plight of the many other victims of our immigration system, an updated version of the distinction between “good” and “bad” immigrants.

Rod Edmond

Deal, Kent

The home secretary castigates campaigners for Windrush victims as ill-informed Labour politicians and do-gooding celebrities. So has it now come to it that doing good is an insult, and does it mean, therefore, that we should now applaud doing bad?

Pat Staples