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Brief letters  Whistleblowers and waiting for victory

Media lawyers were right to point out that the protection of the identity of journalistic sources is currently ineffective in a digital age (Report, 23 February). They might also have noted that, despite 19 years of whistleblowing legislation, there is no general provision requiring employers to maintain the confidentiality of disclosers or to allow anonymous reporting of suspected wrongdoing.

Prof David Lewis

Whistleblowing Research Unit, Middlesex University

David Butler states: “The last time Labour was in as hopeless a position as it is today, we had three consecutive election victories lying in wait” (Letters, 25 February). If he is thinking of the same year as me, there were three consecutive election defeats first. I am 56 and cannot wait that long.

Rebecca Linton


Anne McElvoy’s use of the words tergiversations and fissiparous (Opinion, 27 February) on the problems faced by Theresa May left me searching through various dictionaries. I am sure she could have used different words to get her points across. Might I suggest shilly-shallying and divisive?

Maggie Linden


Re the “Nelson one-roll” (Letters, 25 February), see the OED definition for Nelson cake: “n. Brit. regional (chiefly Liverpool) a cake consisting of crushed biscuits, dried fruit, etc., soaked in syrup, and sandwiched between two layers of pastry”. Also known as Nelson squares.

Susanne Woodman


“Audible gasps were heard” (Oscars report, theguardian.com, 27 February) Indeed. May we assume that inaudible gasps were not heard?

Rhoda Koenig


Jacqueline Knight is correct to say Worcestershire sauce has anchovies (Letters, 27 February). She can substitute it for Sheffield’s own Henderson’s Relish, a truly vegetarian recipe, and delicious!

Maggie Hoyles


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