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2017-03-02 16:25:06
Trump stands by Sessions; attorney general will recuse from any probe related to campaign

Trump spoke after some Republicans called on Sessions to recuse himself in investigations of possible Russian interference in the election because of the revelations. Trump said he didn’t think Sessions needed to recuse himself, the Washington Post reports.

Among those calling for recusal were House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, the Washington Post reports.

Some Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are going further and asking Sessions to resign. There are also calls for appointment of an independent counsel to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. And the American Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation into whether Sessions perjured himself, according to a press release.

Sessions had testified during his confirmation hearing that he had no contacts with Russian officials, the Washington Post reported in this prior story. Justice Department officials said Sessions’ July and September contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were a result of his position on the Armed Services Committee and had no connection to his role as an adviser to the presidential campaign.

Trump told reports that Sessions probably testified truthfully.

The Washington Post asked the 26 members of the Armed Services Committee from 2016 if they had met with Kislyak. Out of 20 who responded, none reported any contact.