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2017-03-15 11:19:04
Russian spies and hired hackers will reportedly be indicted in Yahoo security breach

Two members of Russia’s intelligence agency and two Russian-hired hackers have reportedly been indicted in the 2014 hacking of 500 million Yahoo accounts.

The indictments will be announced today in the largest hacking case ever brought by the United States, according to the Washington Post.

The story says the charges aren’t related to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee or the investigation of Russian interference in the campaign. “But the move reflects the U.S. government’s increasing desire to hold foreign governments accountable for malicious acts in cyberspace,” the story says.

According to the allegations, Russia’s Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, wanted to obtain hacked information about journalists, dissidents and U.S. government officials. The information obtained was also allegedly used for financial gain.

Lady Justice slips on a banana peel.