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2017-03-30 14:45:05
North Carolina lawmakers approve repeal of controversial bathroom bill

The North Carolina General Assembly on Thursday voted to repeal a law that requires schools and other government-controlled facilities to restrict multiple-occupancy bathrooms to people of the same biological sex.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is expected to sign the repeal, report the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The so-called bathroom bill had also barred local governments from granting bias protections that extend further than state law—a provision that had the effect of barring local protections for gay and transgender people. The new law approved by lawmakers on Thursday creates a moratorium on local nondiscrimination ordinances that lasts through 2020.

Cooper said in a statement that the repeal compromise isn’t a perfect deal, but it will begin to repair the state’s reputation. When he was serving as the state’s attorney general, he announced his office would not defend the bathroom law. The Justice Department had claimed in a suit that the bill violated federal laws regarding discrimination in education and employment. The American Civil Liberties Union also sued.

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