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    How will prosecutors handle privileged documents from Michael Cohen raid?

    14:17, April 12 60 0

    Experts say it’s quite possible that as Donald Trump was sending the tweet, a team of assistant U.S. attorneys, support staff and FBI analysts were beginning the start of what some see as a tedious yet important job—going through everything the government seized from Cohen, and setting aside any communication covered by attorney-client privilege to ensure that it’s not seen by those assigned to the investigation.

    Family mounts legal challenge to Northamptonshire library cuts

    10:30, April 12 53 0

    Northamptonshire county council is facing a series of legal challenges over plans to close 21 libraries, after a young resident applied for a judicial review of a decision campaigners say will have a “devastating impact” on families.

    Supporting independent courts—from the inside out

    09:38, April 12 33 0

    Even the president is in on the game, assailing judges when they don’t rule his way (a storied American tradition dating back to at least FDR). One report goes as far as to suggest that Russia can be blamed for targeting the credibility of American courts. With all this outside pressure, is it any wonder that public trust in the courts—the stock and trade that underpins the ability of the courts to be independent—continues to erode?

    FBI reportedly sought records on ‘Access Hollywood’ tape in Michael Cohen raid

    16:07, April 11 36 0

    A search warrant revealed the tape information was one target of the raid, according to three anonymous sources who spoke with the New York Times. The warrant also said the FBI was searching for any evidence that the lawyer, Michael Cohen, tried to suppress damaging information about Trump during the campaign, according to the article.