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    The Guardian view on drug policy: rethink it without taboos

    13:34, October 23 39 0

    Much of the harm caused by illegal drugs is caused by their illegality. Prohibition helps to turn users into criminals, and the justice system is poorly equipped to help addicts recover. This is not a controversial opinion in the fields of public health and policing – services on the frontline of the problem – but it is far from orthodoxy in Westminster.

    If you could create a spell to use in your law practice, what would it be?

    10:45, October 23 42 0

    Image from In your legal career, whether it's spanned decades or you're fresh out of law school, you may have heard once or twice from clients, judges and even law professors to "work your magic." With Halloween being just around the corner, now's the perfect time to flex your creative muscles and cast your best spell on us. After all, witches and warlocks aren't the only ones who can do it. This week, we'd like to ask: If you could create a spell to use in your law practice, what would it be? What would the spell be used for? What was your inspiration for the spell? Answer in the comments on our social media channels via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out last week's question: What are your everyday morning work habits? And view some of last week's answers from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Do you have an idea for a future Question of the Week? If so, contact us.

    Afternoon Briefs: Legal words flummox child murder defendant; judge nixes ‘The Godfather Part II’ clip

    17:03, October 22 42 0

    Image from Child murder defendant didn’t know the meaning of ‘alleged’ A judge had to explain the meaning of “alleged” Monday to a 9-year-old boy charged with murder in the arson deaths of five people in the central Illinois town of Goodfield. “It means someone accuses you,” Judge Charles Feeney said. “If I accuse you of wearing a purple shirt … I allege you’re wearing a purple shirt.” Feeney also had to explain the meaning of “dwell” and “arson.” (The Chicago Tribune)