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    My working week My working week: 'I cry after hearing one domestic abuse survivor's story. She is lucky to be alive'

    02:26, September 14 71 0

    I am an independent domestic violence advocate. I phone one of my clients first thing; I’ve been worried about her over the weekend. Although I’m an atheist, as the phone rings I find myself praying that her partner hasn’t hurt her. She answers, says “I’m not interested in PPI” and hangs up. That’s a code letting me know her abuser is with her and it’s not safe to speak.

    For the Tories, breaking the law is just a sign of strength

    01:13, September 14 76 0

    It is six months into the British government’s calamitous coronavirus response, and almost a year into a regime of U-turns, gaffes and cartoon villainy. Surely, as the failures and violations accumulate, it is only a matter of time before the British public wakes up.

    Wagner's treaty warning to the Tories

    12:17, September 13 73 0

    Further to letters (10 September) regarding the Tories’ disregard for the rule of law, I am reminded of the fate of Wotan and the other Germanic gods as told by Richard Wagner. Wotan the one-eyed, philandering leader, intent upon little else than prestige in his eyes and the eyes of the world, made frequent excursions on Earth. During these wanderings he carried a spear upon which were engraved runic characters spelling out the importance of treaties. His spear was the symbolic guardian of oaths and treaties. When times got tough and difficult decisions had to be made, Wotan was assisted by that master of trickery and deceit, Loge (aka Loki), who encouraged his master’s duplicity in breaking solemn treaties. We know how, eventually, that all went up in flames. I wonder whether Boris Johnson, the proud classicist, is aware of the manifestly parallel paths being trodden by his own cabinet and that of Wotan and his fellow gods?Graham BouldDereham, Norfolk

    UK government plans to remove key human rights protections

    09:22, September 13 64 0

    The government is planning to “opt out” of parts of the European convention on human rights in order to speed up deportations of asylum seekers and protect British troops serving overseas from legal action.

    So what lies behind ultra-loyalist Suella Braverman’s rise to the top?

    14:07, September 12 96 0

    If you wanted to be kind, you could say that the attorney general is no worse than any other politician on the make: she advances her career by telling her party what it wants to hear. If you wanted to be unkind, you could say that the attorney general is a deluded dogmatist who feeds the paranoia of the Tory party’s base while betraying her professional principles to please its dictatorial leaders.

    Brexit override plan would breach Vienna convention, QC says

    13:16, September 11 98 0

    The UK government has been warned its use of domestic legislation to override international treaty obligations with the EU would breach the Vienna convention, to which Britain is a signatory, as well as the ministerial code.

    Why Paul Rusesabagina was arrested

    12:24, September 11 77 0

    I am surprised that the Guardian should take such a partisan attitude to the case of Paul Rusesabagina, the Rwandan who has been arrested and is in custody in Kigali (UN urged to intervene in case of detained Hotel Rwanda dissident, 8 September). Mr Rusesabagina, whose role during the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis was fictionalised in the well-known movie Hotel Rwanda, has been the subject of controversy ever since.

    Brexit: UK negotiators 'believe brinkmanship will reboot trade talks'

    10:56, September 11 83 0

    Britain’s Brexit negotiators believe Downing Street’s plan to break international law and push the trade and security negotiations to the brink may have helped reboot the talks by offering Brussels a reality check about the looming danger of a no-deal outcome.

    Scale of failure in prison system staggering, say MPs

    19:32, September 10 77 0

    The scale of failure in the prison system in England and Wales is “staggering”, with only 206 out of 10,000 promised new prison spaces delivered by the government, parliament’s spending watchdog has said.