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    The Guardian view on surveillance: Australia is giving too much power to the state

    13:31, December 10 31 0

    The Australian government has just hustled into law a wide-ranging bill which attempts to give its intelligence services powers against encrypted communications. Whatever the government may wish, there are of course limits set to these powers by the mathematics that underpin strong encryption. If it is properly implemented, strong encryption is quite literally unbreakable for the foreseeable future. That is why it has become an essential part of the modern world, sustaining, among other things, the whole of our banking system. No government could really wish it to be weakened, because that would unleash international anarchy. But no government can be entirely happy with it either, for it does make safer a great deal of criminal and terrorist activity. Last week’s law is the latest in a series of more or less unhappy compromises between the demands of security, privacy and human rights.

    Microsoft Surface Go tablets selected for digital LSAT in 2019

    12:27, December 10 32 0

    When the Law School Admission Test is given digitally starting in July 2019, it will be on a Microsoft Surface Go tablet, a device known for its smaller size and adjustable kickstand, which positions the screen how the user wants, the Law School Admission Council said in a news release Monday.

    With November losses, legal services industry has 100 fewer jobs than a year ago

    10:59, December 10 27 0

    The legal services sector lost 2,400 jobs in November, eliminating job gains for the year. The legal services sector had 1,135,700 jobs in November, down from 1,138,100 jobs in October and 1,135,800 jobs in November 2017. That’s a loss of 100 jobs since the same time a year ago. The American Lawyer has coverage.

    California imposes new regulations on ‘internet of things’ devices

    08:04, December 10 27 0

    As people shop for loved ones this holiday season, internet-enabled gadgets are often at the top of the list. These gifts may be an automated vacuum cleaner, a doorbell with a camera or a Furbacca, a toy that combines Furby and Chewbacca and interacts with a smart device. These contraptions—collectively referred to as the “internet of things”—are ubiquitous. However, they often have weak security features, which can open up vulnerabilities in people’s homes and make a gift’s recipient an unwitting participant in a hacker’s attack.

    Expand 'commonhold' ownership system, government urged

    19:07, December 09 26 0

    The rarely used “commonhold” system of home ownership should be expanded as an alternative to landlord-controlled leaseholds which are increasingly resented, the Law Commission is recommending.

    Pepper spray used in non-violent situations in prison pilot

    05:12, December 09 27 0

    A pepper spray intended for use on violent prisoners in England and Wales has been approved despite being used in non-violent incidents more than a third of the time in a recent trial, contravening official guidance, the Guardian has learned.