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    What are your rights in lockdown Britain?

    13:07, April 01 53 0

    Since the introduction of strict new measures to stem the spread of coronavirus, not everybody has been in agreement as to what exactly “lockdown” means. One police force has defended its use of a drone camera to shame those driving into a national park, while another introduced roadblocks to stop people heading to tourist hotspots.

    Policing under coronavirus: the real test is yet to come

    12:16, April 01 47 0

    At the end of The Long Goodbye, Raymond Chandler’s detective Philip Marlowe bids farewell to his readers and to the characters in the novel. “I never saw any of them again – except the cops,” muses Marlowe. “No way has yet been invented to say goodbye to them.” Chandler was expressing a wider truth. In the words of the British criminologist Robert Reiner: “Welcome or unwelcome, protectors, pigs or pariahs, the police are an inevitable fact of modern life.”

    Overzealous police will soon lose public respect

    14:16, March 31 32 0

    There seems to be an attitude, not just among the police but also among the public, that because these are tough times, we should all pay some sort of penance (UK police warned against ‘overreach’ in use of virus lockdown powers, 30 March). I’ve even heard of police shouting “This is not a holiday” to people. Well excuse me for not wanting to self-flagellate! Even if this was in response to people grouping together, such a comment is appalling, as it implies that the police are simply opposed to people enjoying themselves, when they should just be professionally upholding the laws limiting viral spread. Frankly, we don’t need attitude from the police when times are already tough.