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    Leonard Woodley obituary

    12:24, February 14 25 0

    The life in law of Leonard Woodley, who has died aged 92, was a catalogue of the most famous British race trials of the late 20th century, from those related to riots in Notting Hill, Tottenham, Brixton and St Paul’s, Bristol, in the 1980s, to the famous cases of the Mangrove Nine (1970) and the Newham Eight (1983). The first Afro-Caribbean barrister in Britain to become a Queen’s counsel, a recorder (part-time judge, 1989-2000) of the crown court and a bencher of the Inner Temple, he was a barrister adviser to the Scarman inquiry into the Brixton riots and was counsel in many murder trials where racism was an element.

    New attorney general wanted to 'take back control' from courts

    12:31, February 13 32 0

    Suella Braverman, a passionate Brexiteer who has threatened to “take back control” from an interfering judiciary, is Boris Johnson’s surprise appointment as attorney general – the government’s most senior legal adviser.

    If the UK cares about justice, it must fund forensic services properly

    08:30, February 13 35 0

    In a case involving a knife attack in 2015 by a group of young people, one of the three victims who were stabbed was carrying a bag containing some of his clothes, which was discovered at the scene. When examined, the bag was found to have some blood on it that contained DNA matching one of the alleged attackers. To the prosecution – and potentially to a jury when the case went to court – the DNA evidence put the defendant squarely in the frame. Fortunately though, the prosecution’s forensic evidence was checked by a scientist employed by the defendant’s lawyer and paid for by legal aid (which is increasingly rare due to budget cuts).

    Eminent Monsters: A Manual for Modern Torture review – the cycle of shame

    07:03, February 13 28 0

    If there is another terrorist attack in Britain, one of the interviewees suggests in this documentary by Scottish director Stephen Bennett, then the UK is only a step away from using the kind of torture techniques linked to Guantánamo. Globally, torture is happening in a regular cycle: every time it gets exposed and condemned, no one is ever really held to account.