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    These 14 black lawyers broke down barriers and made history (gallery)

    13:07, February 21 309 0

    Graphic by Sara Wadford. February is Black History Month, a time to honor the heritage and triumphs of African-American people from the past to the present. From abolitionists to modern social justice advocates, the list of African-American trailblazers is extensive.

    Shamima Begum citizenship decision sets a dangerous precedent

    12:15, February 21 375 0

    The basis for revoking Shamima Begum’s citizenship (Javid faces legal threat over Isis recruit’s citizenship, 20 February) could, potentially, apply to millions of other Brits if we behave in a way that the home secretary is satisfied “is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom”. Sajid Javid cannot legally make Begum stateless, so he relies on having “reasonable grounds for believing that [Begum] is able, under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom, to become a national of such a country or territory”.

    Shamima Begum's family hope to bring her baby to UK

    11:03, February 21 296 0

    The family of Shamima Begum are exploring legal and practical options to bring her baby son to the UK without her while she embarks on the potentially lengthy appeal against the removal of her British citizenship, the Guardian has learned.

    In the 25 years since Fred and Rose West, crime reporting has collapsed

    08:28, February 21 317 0

    It is 25 years since the remains of the victims of Fred and Rose West were first discovered at their Gloucester home. This week an ITV documentary presented by Trevor McDonald will return to the case while an updated book on the case by Howard Sounes, who first covered the story as a Sunday Mirror reporter, has just been published. When Rose West eventually stood trial and was convicted of 10 murders at Winchester crown court in 1995 – Fred having hanged himself in his cell – every national newspaper covered the case daily for its seven weeks’ duration, as I did for the Guardian. That level of coverage of even such a major trial would be unthinkable today.

    Why millennials should beware the Fyre Festival, fraud and failed ambition

    07:54, February 21 258 0

    Ja Rule and Billy McFarland promoting the Fyre Festival. Netflix photo. Disclaimer: I’m technically a millennial. Even though I’m on the cusp of the starting point for the generational nickname, I fall in the age range ascribed by the Pew Research Center. Admittedly, being on the precipice of the group’s starting points has its pros and cons.