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    Couple filmed being evicted on Channel 5 TV show win damages

    06:07, February 22 36 0

    A family filmed being abruptly evicted from their home for Channel 5 series Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away has won a high court legal battle, which could force broadcasters to tone down the content of observational documentaries.

    Perpetrators of domestic abuse more likely to go to jail

    19:08, February 21 28 0

    Perpetrators of domestic abuse are more likely to be sent to prison – even if they inflict emotional or psychological rather than physical harm alone – under new guidelines being published by the Sentencing Council.

    NKU law dean who resigned amid harassment complaints set to return in fall as a professor

    15:08, February 21 34 0

    A full-time employee and two student workers, all of whom are female, filed written complaints about Standen in November, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Among the allegations from one of the women are that he looked down her dress on various occasions and frequently adjusted his crotch in front of her. Another said he repeatedly asked for hugs; all three say he often commented on what female employees wore.

    The Guardian view on Worboys and the police: moral and legal dereliction

    13:41, February 21 29 0

    There is no doubt that the Metropolitan police committed terrible errors in their handling the case of John Worboys, the “black cab” rapist who was convicted in 2009. But the Met nonetheless appealed against a high court ruling that its failings amounted to infringement of the victims’ human rights. That appeal was rejected on Wednesday by the supreme court. The women at the centre of the case were two among the many, perhaps over 200, who were attacked by Worboys. But he was charged with only a handful of offences and convicted years after the first assault was reported. The court has now confirmed, wisely, that this delay was a grievous failure of justice.

    Supreme Court holds guilty plea doesn’t bar Second Amendment challenge; Gorsuch joins Breyer opinion

    11:24, February 21 24 0

    In a 5-3 opinion, the court ruled for Rodney Class, who had pleaded guilty to violation of a criminal law barring guns near the U.S. Capitol Building. Class had guns in his locked jeep, which was parked on the Capitol grounds. He claimed on appeal that the gun law violated the Second Amendment and the due process clause because it didn’t give fair notice about which areas of the Capitol grounds are off limits for firearms.

    How international law could help victims of environmental degradation

    08:12, February 21 40 0

    Something moved in the machineries of international law earlier this month. A turn in the lock, a small latch releasing a door. How big, how wide, remains to be seen. But nonetheless a landmark in progress towards meaningful protection of the environment.