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    Justice Alito takes aim at abortion rights, gay marriage and Covid rules

    15:08, November 13 34 0

    The inability of people to say, without fear of being branded as bigots, that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman is threatening to make freedom of speech “a second-tier constitutional right”, supreme court justice Samuel Alito said at a virtual conference on Thursday.

    UK family reunion visa system puts lives at risk, says Red Cross

    19:20, November 11 32 0

    Children and adults are being forced to navigate war zones, risk sexual violence or imprisonment, and pay smugglers to reach a place where UK visa paperwork can be processed by officials acting for the Home Office, a charity has said.

    Paul Moore obituary

    13:47, November 11 35 0

    In the years leading up to the economic crisis of 2007-08 few challenges were made to excessive and opportunistic financial activity and since then few individuals have been called to account for the damage it caused. Paul Moore, who has died aged 61 of colitis, set in train a rare whistleblowing reproach to bankers whose laxness led to incalculable harm and misery.

    'An own goal': experts question resignation of Hong Kong lawmakers

    09:17, November 11 38 0

    On Thursday, Hong Kong’s legislature will look remarkably more like its counterpart in mainland China. It will sit without any opposition lawmakers after they announced their resignations in protest at four colleagues disqualified from the body on Wednesday under a new power granted to Hong Kong authorities by Beijing to dismiss “unpatriotic” politicians with immediate effect.