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    Other lives Francis Deutsch obituary

    06:34, February 22 48 0

    My foster brother, Francis Deutsch, has died aged 94 from Covid-19, following a short illness. He was an outstanding radical lawyer and a pioneer of legal policy, whose life was driven by a sense of justice, belief in democracy and commitment to support the most vulnerable in society.

    UK's top counter-terror officer backs Prevent amid row over review

    13:02, February 21 43 0

    Britain’s best chance of reducing terrorist violence risks being damaged amid a huge backlash to the government’s choice of William Shawcross to lead a review of Prevent, the country’s top counter-terrorism officer has told the Guardian.

    After the Uber ruling, there's no excuse for government not to enforce workers' rights

    04:32, February 20 54 0

    In 2018, Ali submitted a claim against Uber for unpaid holidays. Originally from Somaliland, he had been driving for Uber since 2016, a couple of years after arriving in the UK. Since then, he hadn’t had a single paid holiday, despite at times working up to 70 hours in a seven-day week. He had taken some time off though – once for a couple weeks on the doctor’s recommendation to address his (unsurprising) back pain. When he tried to get assistance from the Uber-provided insurance policy the company likes to boast about, he was told the time off wouldn’t be covered.

    The Guardian view on the Uber drivers ruling: a challenge to government

    15:47, February 19 49 0

    It is difficult to think of ways in which Friday’s supreme court ruling on the employment status of Uber drivers could have been more emphatic or conclusive than it was. The six justices agreed unanimously to uphold a groundbreaking employment tribunal finding made against the company in 2016. Uber drivers, the court confirmed, are not self-employed – as Uber argued in a succession of appeals – but should be treated as workers, with rights to be paid at least the national minimum wage, to holiday pay and other benefits.

    Hidden dangers in the proposed free speech law

    12:04, February 19 49 0

    I read with alarm about the proposed free speech law and the government’s plans for a university “free speech champion” (Proposed free speech law will make English universities liable for breaches, 16 February).