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    Love hurts: 13 famous prenups (gallery)

    08:49, February 14 25 0

    Photo from Valentine’s Day is here, and our love for the law is stronger than ever. In our version of a romantic gesture, the ABA Journal is honoring the legal contract of love—the prenuptial agreement.

    Why Marvel’s Daredevil isn’t a role model for defense attorneys

    08:13, February 14 30 0

    Photo from Wikimedia Commons. If you aren’t a fan of comics, I understand entirely. They aren’t for everyone. Please, though, don’t jump ship just yet. There is a genuine chance we’ll be on the same page in about 1,200 words no matter your feelings toward comic book culture. Or you might hate this correlation and let me know in the comments below ... either way, just give it a chance.
  •, BYU Law partner up for student-alumni mentor program

    07:23, February 14 29 0

    Photo by Edu_Cate/ Do people think you have traditional values, and what are your hobbies? These are some questions asked by a pilot program to build mentoring relationships between first-year law students and alumni at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School.

    If lawyers made candy hearts, what would yours say?

    17:13, February 13 51 0

    Photo illustration by Sara Wadford. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a box of conversation hearts. If you’re a fan of the sweet treats, your heart might break over this recent news: The New England Confectionery Co., the makers of the iconic Sweethearts candies, went out of business last summer, according to CNBC. While the Spangler Candy Co. swooped in to buy the brand in September, Sweethearts won’t make it back onto shelves until Valentine’s Day in 2020.

    Site launched to help workers claim uncollected pay

    13:11, February 13 34 0

    A website is being launched to help freelancers and other workers claim an estimated £3bn a year owed in wages and holiday allowances, in the latest example of justice moving online.

    Forty years for a mosque killer, when murderers of white victims get 75?

    10:51, February 13 33 0

    Two years ago Alexandre Bissonnette walked into a Quebec City mosque and opened fire on men at prayer, killing six, injuring 19 and ensuring that 17 children would grow up without their fathers. Known to Quebec feminist and refugee support groups as an internet troll, Bissonnette’s search history suggested he had been influenced by racist, misogynistic shooters such as Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger and Marc Lépine. After the attack Bissonnette told a social worker he regretted not having killed more people.