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    Teen goes to law school and aims for the presidency

    09:17, August 21 427 0

    Aaron Parnas is once again aiming high. Parnas went to college at age 14, taking high school and college classes at the same time for the same credit, (sub. req.) reports. Hre graduated from college in two-and-a-half years, a few weeks before his high school graduation.

    Does Gorsuch speech at Trump hotel raise ethics concerns?

    08:04, August 21 453 0

    Justices often speak to liberal and conservative organizations, but that isn’t the source of the controversy, the New York Times reports. Instead, detractors criticize holding the event at a hotel run by the Trump organization and also point to the timing. The speech is slated for Sept. 28, a few weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

    Hate is hate. Online abusers must be dealt with harshly

    19:16, August 20 535 0

    People all over the world are questioning how those in positions of power can counter the kinds of extreme views that are increasingly being aired, and how societies might do more to prevent such opinions from gestating in the first place. These are huge questions with no straightforward answers. For many people in the UK, the scenes in Charlottesville last weekend may appear to be of scant relevance to their own lives. Even Thursday’s horrific events in Barcelona may feel somewhat distant.

    Using confession to face up to crimes

    14:36, August 20 425 0

    As a (sinful) Anglo-Catholic priest, I, too, would never disclose anything said to me during the sacrament of confession (or reconciliation, as many now prefer to call it), even under threat of prosecution (Confession is sacrosanct, Joanna Moorhead, 17 August).

    Breaking with the European court of justice won’t be easy for Britain

    16:44, August 19 411 0

    Since the UK voted to leave the EU, Theresa May has tried to boil down arguments over Brexit to simple soundbites. One of the favourite phrases deployed by the prime minister and her team is that the United Kingdom will “take back control” from Europe – over money, borders, and laws.