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    Senate Votes to Repeal FCC Internet Privacy Rules

    19:27, March 23 445 0

    The Federal Communication Commission’s move to stop internet service providers from collecting customers’ personal information without consent has itself been halted, as reported by BuzzFeed and The New York Times.

    Democrats to filibuster Neil Gorsuch nomination to Supreme Court, Schumer says

    16:28, March 23 606 0

    On Thursday, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer announced that he would oppose Gorsuch’s confirmation and that President Donald Trump’s nominee would face a cloture vote. According to the Washington Post, Schumer, speaking from the Senate well, said that Gorsuch would have to meet the same 60-vote threshold that both of President Barack Obama’s appointees, as well as both of President George W. Bush’s appointees, satisfied.

    Federal judge blocks law that bars foreign-born citizen’s marriage

    14:24, March 23 385 0

    U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle ruled Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. At a hearing in the Eastern District of Louisiana, Lemelle said that that requiring a birth certificate for a marriage license violates the equal protection rights of foreign-born U.S. citizens, as well as their fundamental right to marry.

    Law Prof Charged in $4M Embezzlement Scheme

    13:19, March 23 688 0

    Photo: DenisLarkin   A longtime corporate law professor at the University of Minnesota Law School was indicted Wednesday on charges that he embezzled more than $4 million from investors in the synthetic diamond company he helped run.

    Legal staffing company acquires competitors from accounting firm

    12:41, March 23 417 0

    A Chicago legal staffing firm has acquired an accounting firm’s contract attorney business. On Wednesday, Crain’s reported that Legalpeople has bought ProjecTemps, a Chicago-based contract attorney company owned by accounting firm Plante Moran. Terms of the deal were not announced, but according to Crain’s, the acquisition of ProjectTemps will add approximately 200 contract attorneys to Legalpeople’s 500.

    Cincinnati Law Sacks Dean

    12:06, March 23 461 0

    The University of Cincinnati has ousted law dean Jennifer Bard less than two years into her five-year term, an unusual move in the legal academy.