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    PwC Legal takes first steps in US with firm launch

    05:43, September 21 161 0

    PwC Legal is expanding into the US through the launch of a new law firm in Washington DC. The accountancy giant’s legal arm is setting up an independent offering named ILC Legal, but cannot open under its own name for regulatory reasons.

    RNC Payments Raise More Questions on Trump Lawyers’ Fees

    01:30, September 21 69 0

    John Dowd. Photo: John Disney/ALM Sure, a quarter-million dollars is a lot of money. But in Big Law—and for the most significant white-collar case to rattle a presidential administration in years—$230,000 doesn’t buy all that much.

    Victorians overwhelmingly support voluntary euthanasia, survey finds

    23:57, September 20 60 0

    As the Victorian parliament ponders an historic vote to legalise assisted dying for the terminally ill, a new survey shows the public overwhelmingly back the reform, with most Victorians saying they would be more likely to vote for a candidate if they supported voluntary euthanasia.

    End-of-life issues have been in the too-hard basket for too long

    23:06, September 20 48 0

    Far too many Victorians have suffered too much and for too long at the end of their lives. Talking about death is a challenging and confronting issue. For too long, end-of-life issues have been in the too-hard basket. This needs to change. Improving policy and community awareness about the end of life, and death, are essential if we are to improve Victorians’ choices about how and where they experience both.

    Q&A: BuzzFeed's Defense Team on Investigating the Russia Dossier

    14:56, September 20 44 0

    J. Albert Diaz “Out of the ordinary” doesn’t even begin to describe the fact-finding mission facing lawyers in the defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed for publishing an unverified intelligence dossier on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    States Expand Probe Into Big Pharma Opioid Marketing

    14:40, September 20 48 0

    A bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general is expanding its investigation into Big Pharma’s alleged role in the prescription painkiller and heroin addiction epidemic gripping the nation.

    What phrases do you hate hearing when talking to colleagues?

    14:03, September 20 41 0

    It is important to “begin a conversation in a way that doesn’t make it difficult for the person to respond, disagree, or add their perspective,” communications specialist John Stoker says in a post at his DialogueWORKS blog. He then lists some poor ways for leaders to start a conversation or meeting with colleagues.