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    Priscilla Jana obituary

    13:41, November 05 61 0

    Priscilla Jana, who has died aged 76, was a formidable human rights lawyer and key anti-apartheid figure in South Africa. An active member of the banned African National Congress, Jana was pivotal in the underground battle against the apartheid state, even transporting AK47s in the boot of her car on one occasion. Unlike her world-famous client, the ANC leader Nelson Mandela, Jana stridently resented conciliation with “the enemy”.

    Minister blames public for second English lockdown

    05:44, November 05 62 0

    The second national lockdown in England has been caused in part by a lack of public compliance, the justice secretary has said, adding that it will be a “huge challenge” to get the public to follow the strict rules this time.

    England underestimates the costs of lockdown at its peril

    07:39, November 04 59 0

    Suppose there is nothing that governments can do to stop the spread of Covid-19. What then? It is not a hypothetical question, as England is discovering. “We’ve got to be humble in the face of nature,” the prime minister observed in Saturday’s Downing Street press conference. But humility learns from experience, and there was no sign of that in the measures he then went on to announce.

    Poland delays abortion ban as nationwide protests continue

    12:53, November 03 47 0

    Poland’s rightwing government has delayed implementation of a controversial court ruling that would outlaw almost all abortion in the country, after it prompted the largest protests since the fall of communism.

    Poland delays abortion ban amid nationwide protests

    09:42, November 03 44 0

    Poland’s rightwing government has delayed the publication and implementation of a high court ruling that tightens the abortion law and has triggered almost two weeks of nationwide protests.