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    ‘Demagogue’ tells the story of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s rise and fall

    09:14, September 09 87 0

    Sen. Joseph McCarthy (center) addresses the press in 1954. Photo from the Library of Congress. What made 1950s America vulnerable to a man like Joseph McCarthy, a junior senator from Wisconsin? In Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy, author Larry Tye takes an in-depth look at McCarthy's life.

    England Covid restrictions: what is allowed from Monday

    17:32, September 08 88 0

    The law is being amended to bar almost all gatherings of more than six people, outdoors, in England. While guidelines had previously set a limit of six for most circumstances, beyond community events, weddings and the like, up to now the only ceiling set in law was 30 people. That ceiling has now come down, and will be effective from Monday. The rules for indoor interaction, limiting this to no more than two households or bubbles, remain the same. Weddings, funerals and other such events also remain unchanged.

    Julian Assange rapped by judge after outburst during extradition trial

    08:57, September 08 89 0

    Julian Assange has been warned by the judge in his extradition case that he would be removed from the court and tried in his absence after he interjected while a lawyer for the US authorities sparred with a high-profile witness giving evidence in support of the WikiLeaks founder.

    Identity cards are no threat to civil liberties

    12:37, September 07 85 0

    Gracie Mae Bradley of Liberty writes that “People often ask why objections to proposed ID systems in the UK have historically been so strident when such schemes are widespread in mainland Europe” (The UK’s online ID plans: expensive, intrusive, unnecessary, 6 September). Alas, she does not answer this question. Countries with stronger civil liberties traditions and constitutional protections of privacy have no problems with ID cards. The UK state has most of us registered on databases via national insurance, NHS numbers or driving licences. We willingly surrender our privacy to private foreign firms when we use mobile phones or the internet.