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  • State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    18:18, August 20 1980 0

    Economic Development is characterized by United Nations as: "Development that addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future eras to address their own particular issues."
  • The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    10:18, July 25 2289 0

    Going through a divorce becomes so much messier and complex when there are kids involved. Once you have gone through the formalities of a divorce and split the assets that you have built up over the years as a couple, how do you then decide how to spend holiday time with your children?
  • Secretary at work

    Being a Legal Secretary

    10:11, July 23 2263 0

    A legal secretary is someone, male or female who works in a law office and executes secretarial functions.



    Widow of BigLaw partner loses en banc petition in wrongful-death lawsuit

    16:14, September 21 13 0

    The Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday denied a petition to rehear a wrongful-death finding involving GlaxoSmithKline and a former Reed Smith partner who died by suicide while taking a generic version of the prescribed antidepressant Paxil.

    Students can challenge Education Department over loan forgiveness, judge rules

    15:23, September 21 13 0

    A U.S. district court has found that two graduates of a Massachusetts for-profit college have standing to challenge the U.S. Department of Education’s recent decision to delay implementation of borrower defense regulation, which shifts loan repayment responsibility from the student to the school if its found that the school engaged in misconduct.

    Kweku Adoboli case is an example of Tories’ cruel hostile environment

    12:47, September 21 11 0

    The suspension of the deportation of Kweku Adoboli is welcome and hopefully the publicity that his case has attracted will lead to an urgent reappraisal of the policy of deporting so called “foreign criminals” who are not “foreign” but have been here legally since childhood (Banker wins last minute reprieve from deportation, 18 September). It is fortunate for Mr Adoboli that he has so much support, including from his MP, and the services of Jacqueline McKenzie, his lawyer, who wrote about his situation and the issues his case raises (Why does the government want to punish Kweku twice?, Journal, 18 September).

    Kavanaugh accuser requests Senate hearing be pushed back

    08:45, September 21 17 0

    Christine Blasey Ford is asking for the hearing on Capitol Hill in which she will testify against US supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh be moved to next Thursday, strengthening the prospect of a dramatic showdown on Capitol Hill over Ford’s accusation that he assaulted her when they were in high school in Maryland.