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  • State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    18:18, August 20 1234 0

    Economic Development is characterized by United Nations as: "Development that addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future eras to address their own particular issues."
  • The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    10:18, July 25 1426 0

    Going through a divorce becomes so much messier and complex when there are kids involved. Once you have gone through the formalities of a divorce and split the assets that you have built up over the years as a couple, how do you then decide how to spend holiday time with your children?
  • Secretary at work

    Being a Legal Secretary

    10:11, July 23 1443 0

    A legal secretary is someone, male or female who works in a law office and executes secretarial functions.



    Supreme Court will hear case on immigration bond hearings for noncitizens convicted of crimes

    17:23, March 19 2 0

    Bloomberg Politics and the Associated Press covered the cert denial. The cert petition in Nielsen v. Preap asks whether immigrants are subject to mandatory detention—meaning they don’t get a bond hearing—if they serve their time for a conviction and are released by criminal authorities some time before they’re picked up by immigration authorities. Federal law says mandatory detention applies to immigrants who are transferred directly from a criminal jail or prison to immigration detention. But Bloomberg says it’s less clear whether that applies when immigration authorities don’t take custody right away.

    Supreme Court refuses to hear broad challenge to death penalty

    15:04, March 19 3 0

    The Supreme Court turned down the cert petition by Abel Daniel Hidalgo, who was convicted for murdering one man for pay and fatally shooting a bystander. Justice Stephen G. Breyer Jr. wrote a statement that agreed with the cert denial, only because of an undeveloped factual record concerning Arizona’s system. The New York Times, the National Law Journal, SCOTUSblog and USA Today covered the cert denial.

    Sir Richard Body obituary

    13:35, March 19 4 0

    Sir Richard Body, the former Conservative MP for the broad acres of south Lincolnshire, claimed descent from the 18th-century agricultural innovator Jethro Tull and stood himself in a traditional parliamentary lineage that is all but extinct: that of the independent-minded country squire.

    Can fired deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe sue over his termination?

    11:53, March 19 6 0

    That’s the conclusion of experts who spoke with Politico after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in a statement that McCabe should be fired because he “had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor—including under oath—on multiple occasions.” McCabe was fired two days before his retirement, and it means he is no longer eligible for a full pension.

    Why are law deans not fired after investigations find misconduct with women?

    10:09, March 19 6 0

    The reason for that is twofold, says Saundra Schuster, an attorney at the NCHERM Group in Pennsylvania who does risk management work with universities. It’s easier and cheaper to pay these deans for a year than defend the lawsuits they’d likely file if they were fired, she explains, and most academic-track administrators have tenure as part of their employment contracts. Firing someone with tenure is almost impossible, Schuster says.