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  • State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    State Tax Incentives For Economic Development

    18:18, August 20 1402 0

    Economic Development is characterized by United Nations as: "Development that addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future eras to address their own particular issues."
  • The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    The Legalities Of Spending Time With Your Kids After Divorce

    10:18, July 25 1607 0

    Going through a divorce becomes so much messier and complex when there are kids involved. Once you have gone through the formalities of a divorce and split the assets that you have built up over the years as a couple, how do you then decide how to spend holiday time with your children?
  • Secretary at work

    Being a Legal Secretary

    10:11, July 23 1608 0

    A legal secretary is someone, male or female who works in a law office and executes secretarial functions.



    Facebook must face class action over facial recognition, judge rules

    16:35, April 18 11 0

    The lawsuit challenges Facebook under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, which was passed in 2008 to prohibit private companies from collecting some kinds of biometric identifiers, including scans of facial geometry, without obtaining people’s written consent.

    The taboo on chemical weapons has lasted a century – it must be preserved

    14:16, April 18 13 0

    At about 5pm on 22 April 1915, French and Algerian troops on the Ypres front in Belgium noticed a lull in the German artillery fire that had been targeting their lines. Bracing themselves for an expected infantry advance, they were puzzled instead to observe a greenish-yellow cloud drifting towards them, then lapping over the tops of the trenches.

    The Guardian view on the tax credit ‘rape clause’: a disturbing part of a greater wrong

    13:40, April 18 11 0

    A year ago, a repugnant policy now known as the “rape clause” came into force. The government established a two-child cap for child tax credits (applied to universal credit too), but allowed women to claim for further children conceived without their consent. Women’s groups and medical staff warned that, among many other problems, this risked retraumatising victims by forcing them to disclose assault against their wishes. But the measure received relatively little attention, in part because it received no parliamentary debate or vote. Alison Thewliss, the sharp-eyed Scottish Nationalist MP who spotted it, was right to describe the policy as immoral. But she was wrong to say that smuggling it into law via a statutory instrument was the “final insult”: for another came this week, when the work and pensions secretary, Esther McVey, was challenged on the policy.

    Time to take a stand on killings in Gaza

    13:04, April 18 15 0

    For several weeks you have reported the killings by Israeli forces in Gaza. Each week Israel has placed troops on the security border with Gaza with the intention to shoot to kill Palestinians demonstrating. So far 35 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,500 injured with live ammunition. Instructions to shoot to kill were given in advance (Deaths in Gaza will haunt Israeli snipers, Letters, 13 April; Letters, 17 April).